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3DR SiteScan

Survey, Scan, and Inspect your work site with the latest in Drone technology


Site Scan helps your operation cut costs, mitigate risk and make better informed decisions.

Site Scan accelerates currently labor intensive processes, condensing them into minutes. 2D and 3D models are built in context within their surroundings, because all aerial data is georeferenced. The process is much faster than ground‐based inspection and does not disrupt daily operations. Site Scan is consistently cheaper and more accurate than manned flight or satellite imagery.

Utilities & Telecom

The Site Scan application automatically geotags and timestamps aerial images for safe and compliant inspections.

The Solo drone allows you to quickly assess equipment and infrastructure condition in areas that are difficult to reach. Images are automatically geotagged and saved in the 3DR cloud so jobs can easily be managed and shared. Keep your field inspectors safe on the ground while inspecting high structures. Cut costs with fast and frequent inspections.

Surveying & Mapping

Autonomously create high‐resolution maps for monitoring sites, overseeing forestall changes or measuring stockpiles.

All data is processed in Autodesk ReCap, creating ortho‐rectified, georeferenced mosaics. The Site Scan app automatically imports aerial data into your favorite tools: Autodesk ReCap, Autodesk 360™, Autodesk Revit™, Autodesk BIM360™, and Autodesk Civil3D™. Site Scan is superior to traditional means of creating surveys and maps because work can continue as surveys are executed.