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BIMAssist™ for Revit® adds a powerful set of productivity tools to Autodesk Revit. BIMAssist for Revit currently supports Revit 2011-2018. Licensing is only available for issuing in the United States and is FREE for Advanced Solutions Revit Subscription Clients.

BIMAssist for Revit Features

  • Supports Revit Architecture, Structure, and MEP.
  • Modular support for productivity tools. When new tools are added, they can easily be added to your BIMAssist for Revit menu.
  • Automatic Update keeps your modules current.

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BIMAssist Utilities click to expand

  • Case Update
    • Update the casing of text elements in bulk for a single view or a whole project.
    • Supports Upper Case, Lower Case, and Title Case.
    • Interface includes type filtering, zoom to element, and individual element editing capabilities.
  • Door Mark Manager
    • Intuitive interface for selecting Door Marks to manage.
    • Suggests appropriate values for missing Door Marks.
    • Allows user to Zoom To particular doors.
    • Quickly apply changes to Door Marks individually or in bulk.
  • Family Processor
    Provides tools to edit shared parameter files, manage family parameters, materials, and omni-class. Scripting feature allows lists of actions to be built and performed on entire libraries of Revit families without editing each family manually.
    • Shared Parameters can be added, renamed, type changed, group changed, and discipline changed within the editor. You can now change types without deleting the parameter in question!
    • Family Parameter Management: The family parameter manager allows users to manipulate parameters by changing family parameters to shared parameters, deleting old or unnecessary parameters from manufacturer's content in bulk, or changing the values of multiple family's parameters at once.
    • Family Materials Management: Delete, Rename, or Add Material definitions to multiple families at once.
  • Fire Rating Coordinator
    • Compare and update fire ratings on hosted elements.
    • Edit host or hosted fire rating values.
    • Check for fire ratings that do not match in hosted elements.
    • Mass update that allows fire ratings to be changed to the host or hosted value.
    • Supports both built in and custom parameters.
  • Match Instance Parameters Features
    • Updates parameters across many instances in a single operation.
    • Allows changes to common parameters across multiple types.
    • Very flexible instance selection interface (window select, direct click, all in current view, all in current project).
  • Note Block Creator
    • Manages plan notes on a view by view basis.
    • Automatically constructs note blocks for placement onto sheets without the use of any schedules.
    • Includes audit functionality that detects missing/duplicate notes.
    • Supports the integration of custom annotation symbols.
  • Project Cleaner
    • Quickly removes unneeded plans, views, legends, schedules, linked files, etc. from project files.
    • Optimizes the process of preparing projects received from other firms for use.
  • Room Phase Replicator
    • Copies rooms from one phase to another.
    • Specific levels may be selected.
    • Parameters and Tags may be toggled on or off.
  • Room Renumber
    • Renumbers rooms to a specified sequence through selection.
    • Inserts new rooms into an existing numbering scheme.
    • Suggests room numbers based on door numbers and placement.
  • Room Surface Parameter Extractor
    • Extracts room surface (wall, ceiling, etc.) information (height, assembly function, material) into shared parameters.
    • Allows surface information to be scheduled without manual data entry.
    • Shared parameters used by the application can be easily synchronized at any time.
  • Sheet Number Update
    • Easily insert new sheets into an existing sequence without the need to manually renumber entire sheet sets.
    • Quickly fill gaps in a sheet numbering sequence created by the deletion of sheets.
  • Space Synchronize
    • Synchronizes room number/description from linked architectural models in bulk.
  • Text Find and Replace Features
    • Find and replace text in a selection, a view, or the entire Revit project.
    • Supports many common text types such as notes, room names, room numbers, walls, annotation types, and many family instance types.
    • Utility also works on Parameters!
    • Allows you to open a view to an element. Simply search for text and then double click the magnifying glass next to the result and the application will switch to a view of the element.
    • Replace All, Replace Selection and single item edit supported.

*Please understand that for any new feature or functionality that you may suggest, you will not be compensated nor will you obtain any intellectual property rights to the product if such feature or functionality is incorporated into the product

Do you wish for a certain feature or functionality that Revit doesn't have? This is your chance to share that wish with our experts. Submit the wish you would like to see added to our BIMAssist4Revit tool. We will look at this 'wishlist' items and let you know when your wish has been granted!

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