What is your Definition of BIM?

Many people struggle with defining Building Information Modeling (BIM). It has been defined in many ways, but basic BIM is an intelligent, digital, model-based process for planning, designing, and managing buildings. So, now the question becomes...

How do you market your BIM capability & how do you find business partners practicing BIM?

BIM2Market is the answer to all your BIM Marketing needs!

BIM2Market is an innovative, marketing service aiding the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry in marketing their BIM-ability, in order to drive consumer demand, gain competitive advantage, develop internal process improvement, and increase revenue.

How does it Work?

A professional BIM2Market mentor will analyze your current BIM Marketing/Business Process and provide you with a customized marketing strategy with communication and cross-promotion opportunities, positioning you and your firm as a leader in the BIM industry.

Once you have finished the BIM marketing implementation with the BIM2Market team, you will be invited to join the BIM Provider Network. The BIM Provider Network is an online source of AEC Industry BIM providers, searchable by industry, region, specialty and level of membership.