A Better Way to Learn

CAD Club Academy is a learning subscription program combining Advanced Solutions best education offerings, including live online training, on demand courses, continuing education credits, and more. An investment in education leads to key improvements in capabilities, capacity and job performance, reduces error rates and project completion time. Education plays a critical role in maximizing job performance and satisfaction throughout one’s career.

Is this right for me?

Our Company needs a variety of learning options, our users have various experience levels...
Access more than 100 Autodesk Certified courses across multiple disciplines and levels. Class sizes are small so everyone gets the most out of their class.

It’s hard to get away from work, I need a flexible learning schedule...
Our flexible course schedule allows you to select what to learn and when with classes being offered mornings, afternoons, and some evenings. We also have on demand classes giving you complete flexibility with your learning schedule.

Training is expensive...CAD Club Academy is one of the most affordable education programs on the market today. For the same price as most 5-day courses, you can enjoy a full year of unlimited access to learning, Advanced Solutions manuals are included at no extra cost, and we provide additional discounts on 3rd party manuals.

What if I need extra help?
Start your membership with our live Kick-Off orientation to learn the full benefits of the program. In addition, we offer extra class help at no cost through our Office Hours and you have access to our library of Tech Talk learning hours.

CAD Club Academy Memberships & Benefits

  CAD Club Academy Membership CAD Club Academy Enterprise
Membership Type Individual Enterprise
Membership Term 12 months 12 months
Number of Employees 1 employee within a company Unlimited # of employees within a company
Unlimited Access to PILOT Courses
Unlimited Access to eLearn & Improve™
Continuing Education Credits
PILOT Priority Registration
Kick-Off Meeting (monthly on-boarding) Customized Kick-Off
Getting Started Guide Customized Kick-Off
Office Hours
Access to Recorded Tech Talks
Advanced Solutions Manuals
Training Courseware Discount 20% 20%
Measurable Training Results/Assessments
Structured Learning Paths
Ability to Add Custom Content to
eLearn & Improve™
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