With BioApps, multi-step processes are done without human interaction. Turn your experiment into an automated workflow by quickly stitching together custom experimental protocols to build assays and tissues. BioApps does the rest telling your BioAssemblyBot what to do, controlling cell analysis, liquid handling, bioprocessing, and equipment. Producing consistent, repeatable experiments.

Experiment Automation:


Material Categorization

Cell Feeding

(Media Change)

Vascularized Adipose Organoid Drug Discovery

Print Tissue Model in Well Plate

Cell Counting & Imaging (Multi-Plate)

3D Vascularized Liver Tissue Drug Discovery

Cell Counting & Imaging (Single Plate)

Create Your Own


BioAssembly Automation:


VIPM Tumor

Vascularized Adipose Organoid Manufacturing

3D Vascularized Liver Tissue Manufacturing


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