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Cell Counting and Imaging (Multi-Plate)

Experiment Automation

Automate the Hoechst Dye cell counting workflow for multiple plates. Automatic retrieve of samples from a loading location or incubator allows for the processing of multiple plates with notification when each is done.


  • Process multiple plates at once or in sequence.

  • Plate handling operations are automatic, reducing the change for contamination. This includes plate movement, lidding, and de-lidding operations.

  • Fluid handling operations are done precisely the same each and every time.

  • Built in wait timers for in place incubation steps or plate handling to move plates to real incubation hardware.

  • Automatic imaging with pre-defined protocols. Image your places with the IN Cell series images from Cytiva and places the results wherever you want for review later.

  • Email notifications at any critical checkpoint you decide are needed.

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