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Print Tissue Model in a Well Plate with Notification

Experiment Automation

With BioApps, you can automate printing multiple tissues in a well plate by setting up your desired printing workflow and allowing BioApp to execute it in a single button press. You can print the same thing each well or run individual prints by well. BioApps along with the BioAssemblyBot series printers can also do the plate handling and liquid handling aspects of your tissue printing workflow. This includes retrieving new plates, lidding and de-lidding plates, and moving the plate once the operation is finish. This reduces the need for human interaction and reduces the changes that your tissues will get contaminated. You can ensure the operations are done consistently each time.


  • Setup multiple tissue prints in a well plate.

  • Setup plate handling operations (Get plate, remove lid, print, place lid, move plate).

  • Get notifications with a long running operation is done or at specific prints.

  • Ensure consistency with multiple operations and multiple plates.

  • Reduce the risk of contamination.

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