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3D Dual Syringe

Pneumatic Dispense


Advanced Solutions’ 3D Syringe | Dual bioprinthead is the first of its kind – a dual-extrusion printhead that enables users to print at ambient temperatures with multiple bioinks in one run. Utilizing the six-axis freedom of BAB’s robotic arm, this tool was designed to help BAB Users rapidly switch between two bioinks during biofabrication.


  • Pneumatic extrusion-based, multi-axis 3D bioprinthead enables rapid extrusion between two 10 ml syringe barrels

  • Quick-release barrel holders enable easy & clean loading of biomaterials

  • Ideal for printing biomaterials into separate tissue compartments as well as two component prints

  • Seamlessly control material profile and 3D bioprint with TSIM® software, or include an in automated biofabrication workflow with BioApps™


BioAssemblyBot 400, BioAssemblyBot 500

  • ASLS-0000196 (2 x 10mL)



3D Dual Syringe | Mix

Pneumatic Dispense

3D Dual Syringe | Coaxial

Pneumatic Dispense

3D Syringe | 30ml

Pneumatic Dispense

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