3D Dual Syringe | Mix

Pneumatic Dispense


Advanced Solutions’ 3D Syringe | Mix printhead gives users a unique ability to blend two materials for extrusion out of one syringe tip. Whether using multi-component materials for chemical or ionic crosslinking, or 3D printing defined gradients of cells and ECM, 3D Syringe | Mix unlocks gradient & mixing capabilities on TSIM® that drastically simplify multi-material 3D bioprinting.


  • Pneumatic extrusion-based, multi-axis 3D bioprinthead enables users to print gradients utilizing two 3, 5, or 10 mL syringe barrels

  • Quick-release clamps enable easy & clean loading of biomaterials

  • Ideal for 3D printing multi-component bioinks

  • Seamlessly control, gradient printing, and mixing ratios to 3D bioprint with TSIM® software, or include an in automated biofabrication workflow with BioApps™


BioAssemblyBot 400, BioAssemblyBot 200

  • ASLS-0000106 (2 x 3, 5, 10 mL)



3D Dual Syringe

Pneumatic Dispense


3D Dual Syringe | Coaxial

Pneumatic Dispense

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