Versatile benchtop 3D bioprinter, designed for research labs & classrooms

Starting at $4,995 (USD)


The world's first polar coordinate based bioprinter

3D bioprint up to 5 materials

Automated tip detect calibration & calibration

Seamless integration with TSIM

Build on glass slides, petri dishes, or multi-well plates

Starting at $4,995 (USD)

Multi-Material 3D Bioprinting

BioBot Basic features a novel, revolver-inspired extrusion system to 3D bioprint with remarkable precision.​

BioBot users love the ability to print up to 5 different biomaterials, without the need to manually switch barrels or pause the bioprinting process. ​

Automated Calibration

Time is our most precious resource. BioBot Basic automatically calibrates itself to give you more time back in your day - after you hit "print," the system scans each tip to ensure a quality bioprint, every time regardless of needle size.

BioBot Basic 3d bioprinter bioprinting demonstration in Manchester, NH.

Designed for Researchers & Educators

BioBot Basic is the go-to entry-level 3D bioprinting system for educators and researchers. It easily fits on lab benches, in biosafety cabinets, and under fume hoods. It can print 3D tissue structures on glass slides, petri dishes, or multi-well plates.


Design with TSIM

BioBot Basic includes one year of our award-winning TSIM software, enabling a smooth transition from the digital to the physical.


Simply design your object in TSIM, load your biomaterials and click “Print” to watch BioBot Basic fabricate multi-cellular 3D objects. 

Industry-Leading Customer Success Team

Our team of developers, engineers, and biologists have proven experience in 3D bioprinting and are ready to add value to your projects.

Responsiveness Guarantee

We promise a 2-hour response time via phone and a 4-hour response time via email, even those across the globe.

Tissue Design Services

Partner with us to advance your science in partnership - whether you need design support, a new tool, or a custom protocol, we are here to serve you.


2020 BioBot Basic Specifications:


12" W x 20" H x 22" D

300mm x 520mm x 550mm

Print Size

ɸ7.5" x 4" T Cylinder

ɸ 190mm x 100mm T Cylinder

Print Volume

176 in cubed

11,340mm cubed


Z/R Linear Axis: 40 µin 10 µm

Θ Rotary Axis: 40 µin 10 µm

Print On

Glass slides

Petri dishes

Well plates


Start bioprinting for as low as $4,995.00 (USD)


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¹The Advanced Solutions facility has been audited by UL Registrar LLC and meets GMP requirements listed in RCP, NBCP, or Pharmaceutical Certification Schemes which is uniquely accredited by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) developed in accordance with applicable sections of the FDA’s code of federal regulations.

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