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Our integrated software solutions and services enable businesses to achieve more effective products, processes, innovations and ideas.

CAD Club Academy Academy Logo

CAD Club Academy

Advanced Solutions’ CAD Club Academy provides Autodesk software users with a convenient and economical path to becoming a highly skilled Autodesk software user.

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PILOT Training Logo


Advanced Solutions’ PILOT program brings the classroom to you. Experience a live instructor delivering Autodesk certified classes conveniently to your computer.

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eLearn and Improve Logo

eLearn & Improve

Our self-guided eLearn & Improve courses include lecture videos, software tutorials, and self-assessment quizzes.

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BIMAssist for Revit Logo


BIMAssist™ for Revit® adds a powerful set of productivity tools to Autodesk Revit. BIMAssist for Revit currently supports Revit 2011‐2016.

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Tissue Structure Information Modeling (TSIM) is an intuitive software tool that empowers doctors and scientists to design, visualize, collaborate, simulate and analyze 3D computer models of complex tissue structures.

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Slot3D Logo


Slot3D® software helps companies visualize, simulate and analyze results to streamline warehouse workflows and reduce operating costs.

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idsDesignTouch Logo


idsDesignTOUCH™ plug-ins give Autodesk® software users the ability to control and edit their Autodesk files directly from a SMART Board® interactive whiteboard.

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BioAssemblyBot Logo


The BioAssemblyBot™ multi-axis robot is the next stage of evolution in 3D printing technology.

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BIM2Market Logo


BIM2Market is an innovative service that helps AEC firms market their BIM capabilities to drive consumer demand and gain competitive advantage.

Bluepoint Services Logo


Advanced Solutions provides training, consulting and software development services to help its clients optimally adopt technology into their organizations.

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Xpedient Pro

The Xpedient® software platform is a scalable enterprise solution that allows businesses to create, manage and deploy a wide array of self‐serve kiosk applications.

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Our Brand Partners

Autodesk Logo


Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.

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Trelligence Logo


Trelligence Affinity™ software delivers architectural programming, space planning, schematic design, reporting, and design validation tools for the AECO industry.

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SMART Technologies specializes in business solutions which enhance meetings, collaboration and information sharing.

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