Automate 3D Assays

Use the world's first integrated 3D bioprinter and scanner for high throughput tissue and organoid manufacturing

Advanced Solutions and Cytiva

BioAssemblyBot + IN Cell Analyzer

Advanced Solutions and Cytiva (formerly GE Life Sciences) have teamed-up to commercialize the world's first agile workcell for biofabrication

BioAssemblyBot with IN Cell Analyzer
Advanced Solutions Life Sciences

Automate high content analysis in 3D

BioAssemblyBot with IN Cell Analyzer

Seamless biofabrication & imaging

BioAssemblyBot in a well-plate

Unprecedented 3D assay throughput

Automated Phenotyping

Automated phenotyping

TV showing video of BioApps

Control Biofabrication with BioApps

BioAssemblyBot and IN Cell Analyzer users quickly stitch together experiments from simple to complex

Key Applications

BioAssemblyBot and IN Cell Analyzer adds value to tissue engineering, drug discovery, and precision medicine

Cardiac Tissues

Cardiac Tissues
Neurite Outgrowth

Neurite Outgrowth

Angiogenesis Assays

Angiogenesis Assays
BioAssemblyBot with IN Cell Analyzer
3D Cell Imaging & Organoid Assays

3D Cell Imaging

& Organoid Assays

Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research
Tumor Models

Tumor Models


The World's Leading 3D Cell Imaging System

Introducing Cytiva IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS

IN Cell Analyzer 6500 HS

​Better, More Reliable 3D Data

  • 200% increase in z-resolution compared to confocal

  • 20x increase in contrast in thick samples

  • Single-cell screening of organoids and tissue models

  • Improved image segmentation and quantification

  • Consistent image quality with automated acquisition

  • Guidance and experienced applications support

​Results that matter

  • Get comprehensive answers by asking complex questions

  • Obtain physiologically relevant results with advanced live cell environmental control

  • Explore more relevant biological models with tools optimized for 3D imaging

Unparalleled 3D Image Analysis

Cytiva IN Carta


Faster 3D Data

  • Get started quickly with intuitive user interface and flexible protocol design

  • Collect the right data every time with Smart Scan

  • Learn more from a single experiment




IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS:


Compatible with BioAssemblyBot




44.4 in (w) x 25.0 in (d) x 26.0 in (h)

112.8 cm (w) x 63.5 cm (d) x 66.0 cm (h)


237 lbs

107.5 kg


Room for up to four objectives

Supplied with 10x/0.45

Objectives available from 2-100x (optional)

Both air and water objectives available

Light Source

Four laser lines (405, 488, 561, 642)

White LED for transmitted light

Imaging Modes

Widefield (open aperture)

Proprietary line scan confocal

EDGE confocal

Transmitted light

DIC (optional)

Phase contrast (optional)

Pack size


IN Carta Image Analysis:


8 Cores


16 GB or larger


1920 x 1200+

Operating System

Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) (or newer)


1 TB Minimum

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BioAssemblyBot with IN Cell Analyzer

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