Hello, versatility.

Starting at $49,500 USD

BioAssemblyBot 200 is a revolutionary versatile bioassembly platform. BAB200 takes three forms: open-air, enclosed, and enclosed with HEPA filtration. Using a four-axis arm to bioprint, pick up well plates, and pipette material, BAB200 is built for the modern lab.

Starting at $49,500 USD


Imagine the possibilities.

BioAssemblyBot 200 brings four-axis robotics onto the benchtop, keeping you and your biology happy. BAB200 is amazingly affordable, giving your lab maximum capabilities with minimum budget impact.

Three of a kind.

Breaking the mold from other bioprinters, BioAssemblyBot 200 can transform into three unique forms to meet your needs. Open-air is perfect for working under a biosafety hood, enclosed is perfect for the lab benchtop and enclosed with HEPA filtration is perfect for biology where air quality must be maintained.


A tool for every need.

BAB200 swaps "hands" allowing users to 3D bioprint with temperature control, move well plates, and pipette with up to five different BioAssemblyTools in one run


Designed by life scientists, for life scientists.

Design your science with ease on TSIM, our powerful 3D CAD software, that enables users to quickly design 3D biological models.

Drag & drop and rearrange your experimental protocol with BioApps to automate bioprocessing. Build your own or use a BioApp from the community.

Control BAB200 with an easy-to-use detached touch screen interface. Or even your favorite gaming controller!

Our industry leading customer success team is ready to assist with startup, operations support, and even custom science development.

Compatible with biomaterials you already use.

With BioAssemblyBot 200 you can 3D bioprint with up to 16 biomaterials at the ready, including these hydrogels, plastics, pastes, putties, and greases:


2021 BioAssemblyBot 200 Specifications:


The newest bioassembly platform.

Starting at $49,500 USD


Ready to build your BioAssemblyBot 200?

¹The BioAssemblyBot is certified by UL in accordance with applicable safety requirements. The BioAssemblyBot is certified by UL in accordance with applicable energy efficiency requirements. 

²The Advanced Solutions facility has been audited by UL Registrar LLC and meets GMP requirements listed in RCP, NBCP, or Pharmaceutical Certification Schemes which is uniquely accredited by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) developed in accordance with applicable sections of the FDA’s code of federal regulations.

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