On your mark, get set... Automate.

BioApps elevates your science with a whole new level of automation and walk-away biofabrication. Repetitive, time-consuming tasks, are a thing of the past. Improve your time efficiency with an intuitive interface that stitches together the protocols you know, notifications you receive, and repetitive tasks you already do. Create your own BioApp or use one from our ever-growing collection to make your life easier.


BAB, please run...

With BioApps, multi-step processes are done without human interaction. Turn your experiment into an automated workflow by quickly stitching together custom experimental protocols to build assays and tissues. BioApps does the rest telling your BioAssemblyBot what to do, controlling cell analysis, liquid handling, bioprocessing, and equipment. Producing consistent, repeatable experiments.

Sit back & relax.

Schedule your BioApps to run, then walk-away. BioApps coordinates the execution allowing you to access your system remotely and stream data in real-time at your own leisure.

Endless possibilities.

From basic to highly technical experimental protocols,

community-created BioApps are available to automate your science.

Perfect for your lab: big or small.

Save time on repetitive tasks.

Limit human interaction, avoiding human errors.

Easy-to-use design interface.

Simulate BAB tasks and avoid wasting materials and resources.

Walk-away biofabrication.


Hardware Requirements:


Intel Core i5 or higher


4 GB or larger

Graphics Processor

Nvidia GeForce GTX 750+

Graphics Memory

2 GB dedicated


1920 x 1080+

Operating System

Windows 10 (64-bit)


1 GB


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