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VAOs contain mature adipocytes and native microvasculatures in a high cell-density organoid, making them ideal for informative experiments and assays. Example customer outcomes include examining:

  • Adipose metabolism

  • Inflammation

  • Insulin sensitivity 

This BioApp allows you to:

  • Build a single 96 well plate of VAOs in 5 minutes using BioAssemblyBot 400

  • Incubate 36 or more well plates per day using BioStorageBot Hive 

This BioApp automates the manufacturing of VAOs:

The BioAssemblyBot uses the Pick & Place BioAssemblyTool to place a well plate onto the stage.
Then it uses the Pipette BioAssemblyTool to easily pipette an exact amount of Angiomics Microvessels into the well plate.
Finally, it uses the Pick & Place BioAssemblyTool to move the well plate into the BioStorageBot Hive for incubation.

This BioApp is completed with:


Pick & Place, Pipette



96-cell well plate(s) 

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