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Wield unified 3D CAD, medical image viewing, and bioprinting in a single, easy-to-use interface

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Design through TSIM

TSIM enables users to quickly design & print 3D biological models on BioAssemblyBot

$99 (USD) Annual Subscription

Simplify 3D CAD & Bioprinting

Tissue Structure Information Modeling

Skeleton rendered in TSIM
3D Design Freedom with TSIM

3D Design Freedom

Create complex, biomimetic objects with point & click 3D CAD software. Easily design tissues and assays customized to specific labware, or bring in 3D files from other software.


Medical Image Viewing


Unlike traditional 3D design software, TSIM brings in medical image data from CT or MRI to empower bioengineers and life scientists to design around the patient.

Medical Image Viewing in TSM
Digital prototyping in TSIM
Digital prototyping in TSIM

Digital Prototyping


Understand geometries, flow paths, and material combinations of your tissue model or assay before extruding precious biomaterial.


3D Bioprinting

Control every aspect of your tissue fabrication. Avoid failed prints, lost material/parameter databases, and missed deadlines with truly integrated TSIM + BioBot technology.

3D bioprinting with TSIM
Scientist using TSIM

Save Time With TSIM

Stop wasting time with G-code and get back to what you're best at. A flexible bioprinting software suite is waiting for you.


Harware Requirements:


Intel Core i5 or higher


4 GB or larger

Graphics Processor

Nvidia GeForce GTX 750+

Graphics Memory

2 GB dedicated


1920 x 1080+

Operating System

Windows 10 (64-bit)


1 GB

Compatible 3D File Types:


TSIM running in a laptop computer

Design now for $99 (USD) per year