Automate & execute biofabrication protocols on BioAssemblyBot with our intuitive drag and drop workflow builder


Make with BioApps

BioApps users quickly stitch together experiments from simple to complex, taking full control of the biofabrication process

Organize & Automate Biofabrication Workflow

BioApps: Your Biofabrication Recipe


Workflow Design & Modification

Turn your experiment into an automated workflow - quickly stitch together your experimental protocol to build assays and tissues.

BioApps controls cell analysis, liquid handling, bioprocessing, equipment, and cameras from one sleek interface.


Agile Workcell

Wield the full capability of BioAssemblyBot through defining automated pipetting, mechanical testing, tissue handling, and labware transport. 

Video of the agile workcell in action

BioAssemblyBot Simulator

After designing your workflow, run virtual BioAssemblyBot simulations and time tests without using precious consumables, to ensure the workflow will meet throughput expectations.


Error Recovery

BioApps empowers uses to pause biofabrication, fix a labware issue, change a bioink, and continue with the same run to save hours of lost time, bioinks, and consumables.


Walk-Away Biofabrication

Schedule your biofabrication process and walk-away. Let BioApps coordinate the execution. Access your system remotely and stream data in real-time at your own convenience.

A Marketplace of Automation.

Some of the most popular BioApps are available to automate your science. From notifications to highly technical experimental protocols, take your labs to the next level with BioApps from our community-driven marketplace.


Hardware Requirements:


Intel Core i5 or higher


4 GB or larger

Graphics Processor

Nvidia GeForce GTX 750+

Graphics Memory

2 GB dedicated


1920 x 1080+

Operating System

Windows 10 (64-bit)


1 GB


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