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Realize Breakthrough 3D Biology Innovations

Advanced Solutions and Molecular Devices have a long history of life sciences innovation and are now collaborating to integrate BioAssemblyBot (an intelligent robot that builds 3D biological structures) with ImageXpress high content imaging solutions, and other tools, bringing scientists new ways to innovate and realize breakthroughs. 

Do more with Advanced Solutions & Molecular Devices.

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Better 3D biology outcomes with robotically built organoids.

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3D Bioprinting

Build and image 3D biology in one integrated workflow.

De-risk 3D biology models.

Produce more repeatable, more consistent, and more scalable 3D assays, easily and efficiently. Do more than what you could do by hand.

Get A.I. assistance.

As you perform assays, A.I. guides you and makes note of where each cell is and how it is changing. Allowing you to discover new patterns, faster.

Track through time.

With cell and lineage tracking, track 3D biological growth as you build. Track and see how models change with assays.

Better outcomes.

From a single cell to a full construct, get meaningful data more quickly. Validate your printed structures with ease.


Build your perfect integration:


Better 3D biology outcomes with robotically built organoids.

Integrating BioAssemblyBot, BioStorageBot, and ImageXpress Confocal Imaging Systems, you can now achieve better 3D biology outcomes. Turn-key robotic organoid manufacturing including high throughput assembly, imaging, incubation, culturing, and drug treatments.  

Build, image, culture, and experiment.

Using complete micro-physiological systems: easily build, culture, and experiment in a wide array of well plate platforms.

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Enhance your organoid/spheroid models through vascularization.

Build blood vessels in your organoid/spheroid models using Angiomics microvessels and protocols.

Automated Organoid Cultures.

The ability to scale up organoid production, culturing, and assaying is important in their widespread utility. Automation is key not only for increasing throughput, but also improving consistency and reducing the risk of human error during fabrication and use.

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3D Bioprinting
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Bioprint and image 3D biology in one integrated workflow.

Seamlessly integrate BAB with the ImageXpress Confocal and the ImageXpress Micro Confocal systems to 3D bioprint and image in one motion.

3D in the well.

BAB prints complex 3D cellular structures inside virtually any well plate (e.g. 96, 384, 1536). Design and build 3D tissue models in well plates to enable assay strategies such as multi-cellular structures and/or defined tissue compartments, to expand your opportunities for faster, better biology outcomes.


Can I get a hand?

Choose from a rich and continuously expanding library of BAB Hands or build your own Hand to accomplish your 3D bioprinting objectives. BAB Hands enable you to print a variety of materials at different temperatures and combinations, fully automate the printing and analytical tasks, locally inject and deposit cells in and on tissue constructs, and conduct scientific experiments with 3D bioprinting. More tools means more capability, more flexibility, and more innovation. 

Biofabricated thick, functional, vascularized liver tissue.

In vitro models of human liver tissue and function are proving invaluable in liver disease modelling, hepatotoxicity screening for drugs, predictive drug targeting, and more.

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"Molecular Devices" and "ImageXpress" are trademarks of Molecular Devices, LLC. Select images are courtesy of Molecular Devices, LLC and used with permission. 

 Molecular Devices, LLC is an AUTHORIZED PARTNER of Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, LLC.

Angiomics Human Adipose Microvessels by Advanced Solutions are for RESEARCH USE ONLY and not for use in humans under any circumstances. Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, LLC. and Advanced Solutions, Inc. are not responsible or liable for how this product is used. The RESEARCH USE ONLY limitation supersedes any written, oral, or implied understanding between the parties.


The BioAssemblyBot 400 is certified by UL in accordance with applicable safety requirements. The BioAssemblyBot 400 is certified by UL in accordance with applicable energy efficiency requirements.

The Advanced Solutions Louisville, KY facility has been audited by UL Registrar LLC and meets GMP requirements listed in RCP, NBCP, or Pharmaceutical Certification Schemes which is uniquely accredited by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) developed in accordance with applicable sections of the FDA’s code of federal regulations.

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