Advanced Solutions PLM Advisors Introduce NPI 360

Low-Risk Path to Productivity and Profitability

LOUISVILLE, Ky. ‐ July 23, 2015: Advanced Solutions, an Autodesk Platinum Partner and Authorized Training Center (ATC) , is proud to announce the release of a new, innovative service for PLM adoption called, New Product Introduction 360 (NPI 360).

Since being awarded Autodesk PLM 360 Advisor status in August 2014, ASI Product Lifecycle Management has provided a total PLM solution in designing, implementing, integrating, and supporting the enterprise software platform. As a trusted Autodesk PLM 360 partner, Advanced Solutions knows that today’s businesses can’t afford to waste resources on non-value-added activities. Instead, they need to focus on customer needs and product innovation.

Introducing new products has become increasingly more challenging, as today’s fast-paced product development cycle has many manufacturers struggling with collaboration, communication, alignment, focus, accountability, execution, reporting, and management. Not to mention, proper implementation of product lifecycle management can be a substantial business investment in software, training, and hardware. The question then becomes, how can a company model out and process new products with low risk and easy adoption?

Autodesk PLM 360 allows companies to quickly implement new business processes with easily customizable configurations and low upfront costs. NPI 360 provides the ability to utilize PLM to architect, create, and mature new product introduction processes quickly with no hardware investment and minimal to no disruption to current workflows. NPI 360 provides companies with the ability to start achieving productivity gains through a minimal initial investment.

NPI 360 is low risk, easy to adopt, and accessible for companies at any level of innovation. The package includes:

  • NPI 360 Cloud-based PLM Workflow Access for Five (5) Initial Users
  • Two-day Mentoring with Expert PLM Advisors
    • Day 1: PLM Architect Session
    • Day 2: PLM Creation Session
  • Access to Monthly Web-based Networking Forums
  • A Library of Multiple Process Templates for Program and Project Management, Engineering, Supply & Procurement, Quality, Operations, and More
  • Plus, the Ability to Add Additional Users at Any Time NPI 360 gives companies the edge needed to surpass even the toughest competitors. Companies can now easily access information from one common system, view project progress in real time, reduce emails and meetings, be on time, collaborate across teams, get customers and/or suppliers involved throughout the product development process, improve quality, and more.

Being one of the top Autodesk Resellers and PLM Advisors in the world, allows Advanced Solutions to help companies improve in areas beyond engineering and design. Providing a new innovative service for PLM adaption, such as, New Product Introduction 360 (NPI 360), is the next step in process improvement.

ASI Product Lifecycle Management is excited to offer PLM New Product Introduction 360 (NPI 360), as part of its PLM Solutions. For more information or to explore the possibilities and opportunities through ASI Product Lifecycle Management, visit