Advanced Solutions to Provide Complimentary Simulation FEA Course in Michigan

Education is Key to Growth and Innovation

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – March 15, 2016: Advanced Solutions Product Lifecycle Management, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI), an Autodesk Platinum Partner and Autodesk Platinum Partner, is offering a unique simulation event, Mastering FEA: A Simulation Workshop with Nick Duff, Simulation Expert in Finite Element Analysis.

Providing an introduction to FEA product training is no substitute for receiving hands-on coaching in best-practices or being given valuable tips to avoid common mistakes. Advanced Solutions is excited to provide the manufacturing community in Michigan with the opportunity to learn in a hands-on setting from an expert in simulation, through Mastering FEA: A Simulation Workshop.

During this half-day workshop, attendees will be given expert simulation tips, best practices, applications, and the answers to these questions:

  • How can I determine if I have over-constrained my model?
  • Do my loads really represent real-world behavior?
  • Part or assembly?
  • What is the best CAD model to start with? Can I over-simplify?
  • When should I use Shells, Beams, Plane Stress or Axisymmetry?
  • Do I need linear or non-linear?
  • What result quantity is important for my material? My design criteria?
  • Can I trust my results?
  • Should I consider dynamic effects?

This CAD-independent workshop will be held on April 26th from 9:00am until 2:00pm at Automation Alley in Troy, Michigan. It will focus on expert tips to make every Engineer successful with simulation, using finite element analysis (FEA). The course agenda is full of valuable simulation topics and will be as follows:

9:00am ‐ 9:30am Arrival and Check-in
9:30am ‐ 9:45am Introduction & Agenda Review
9:45am ‐ 10:15am Key Concepts & Definitions
10:15am ‐ 10:45am Problem Definition
10:45am ‐ 11:15am Asking the Question
11:15am ‐ 11:45am Answering the Question
11:45am ‐ 12:15pm CAD for FEA
12:15pm ‐ 12:45pm Lunch Provided
12:45pm ‐ 1:00pm Boundary Conditions
1:00pm ‐ 1:15pm Material Properties
1:00pm ‐ 1:45pm Failure Analysis
1:45pm ‐ 2:00pm Correlating Analysis to Test
2:00pm Q&A / Adjourn

Attendees of the workshop will have the chance to learn from Advanced Solutions Simulation Expert, Nick Duff. Nick has been a consultant, instructor, and advocate for finite element analysis (FEA) for over 10 years. He has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, with experience in simulation FEA, CFD, and DFMA with product development and root cause analysis.

This event is open to anyone in the Manufacturing Industry within Troy, Michigan and the surrounding areas. Advanced Solutions offers ongoing complimentary educational opportunities open to the Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure industries. For more information on this and other events, visit our website at Advanced Solutions Design Software Upcoming Events.