Hixson Partners with Advanced Solutions to Transform Internal Business Processes

Hixson Partners with Advanced Solutions to Transform Internal Business Processes

Improving Efficiency through Transition and Development

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – January 18, 2016: Advanced Solutions Product Lifecycle Management, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI), an Autodesk Platinum Partner and Authorized Training Center (ATC) , has partnered with Hixson, Inc. to improve business processes for greater efficiency through Process Improvement Analysis (PIA), software adoption guidance, training, and mentoring.

Hixson is no stranger to software adoption and innovation. As a leader in the adoption of AutoCAD in 1983, they have continued to grow, developing over 16 in-house capabilities. However, since the adoption of Revit® in 2011, they have continually struggled with getting over the efficiency hump in transitioning from AutoCAD to Revit, in particular with MEP projects. “We knew we could get better”, Hixson Director of Operations & Technology, Bill Wiseman stated.

Hixson identified target goals for improvement to manage growing trends in the AEC industry. Increasing efficiency through successful Revit implementation, utilizing the visualization tools within their current software suite, managing data across multiple software platforms, and capturing the information in BIM, were at the top of their list. After becoming clear on the workflow challenges and goals to achieve a successful transition, Hixson analyzed internal business processes with experts from Advanced Solutions to transition from AutoCAD to Autodesk Revit for greater efficiency.

Having an outside consultant examine their business process, gave Hixson a clear, unbiased understanding of their challenges with tangible solutions to reaching their goals. The Advanced Solutions PIA defined specific business outcomes, identified metrics, and developed a roadmap for implementing process change with Hixson employees, while facilitating the adoption of Revit within the organization. Instead of implementing one internal change at a time, Hixson jumped into the improvement strategy with both feet in September 2014. They took a straight forward approach to implementing 3D modeling, as well as providing clients with enhanced visualization of their projects. Advanced Solutions provided Hixson with the answer to the question… “How do we get to where we need to be from where we are?”

Since going through the Process Improvement Analysis, receiving an unbiased assessment of their business processes, and implementing a comprehensive strategic plan for the future, Hixson has developed a valuable partnership with Advanced Solutions. As Hixson advances, grows, and adopts new technology, Advanced Solutions will be by their side providing the best solutions for continuous improvement. “You can fall back on your old ways real easily, if you’re not careful,” Bill stated. “We want to keep getting better, and I think having some continued monitoring would be helpful… We’d be silly to not use the resources (at Advanced Solutions) to help us chart the future.”

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