Senior Staff Scientist

  • Location:
  • Manchester, NH

We are seeking a talented PhD-level Senior Staff Scientist to join the Tissue Innovations team at Advanced Solutions Life Sciences and drive the advancement of 3D tissue model development, fabrication, and validation. The qualified candidate is a highly motivated, interactive, and creative individual who possesses proven experience in designing, executing, and analyzing 2D and 3D tissue liver assays for pharmacology applications. The ideal candidate is a subject matter expert in one or more areas of liver biology, including hepatotoxicity, pharmacokinetics, and liver models. This individual will demonstrate the ability to contribute to various projects outside of his/her own. S/he will keep up-to-date in the literature related to liver pharmacology field as well as serve as an expert resource in his/her scientific field and in related disciplines. Expectations include effective time management, balanced experimental design, rigorous interpretation of data, and clear communication of results. The opportunity to gain experience in complex tissue model fabrication, biomanufacturing, and tissue model commercialization is available.

At this point we have a solution, a 3D liver tissue model, developed to the point that it is ready to be commercialized. We are looking to hire a subject matter expert in liver pharmacology, who also has experience working in big Pharma and is familiar with hepatoxicity / liver disease assay design, execution, and analysis to lead this commercialization.

This position will be in our Manchester, NH office location. The Innovations Laboratory of ASLS (Advanced Solutions Life Science) is located within the highly interactive environment of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) campus and has established collaborations between life scientists, engineers and clinicians.


  • A Ph.D. degree with 4+ years industrial experience in liver biology and pharmacological screens.
  • Extensive experience in novel preclinical in vitro and ex vivo liver model development.
  • Proven experience in cellular pharmacodynamics, assay design, assay validation, and execution of pharmacology experiments.
  • A proven track record in the field of liver biology, as evidenced by publication/patent record.
  • Excellent in vitro biology skills, experimental design and execution.
  • Demonstrated expertise in contemporary data analysis.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interact and influence effectively with people, internally and externally.
  • Effective multitasker who embraces challenge.


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