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3D Bioprinting Vasculatures

3D bioprinting vasculatures is perhaps the holy grail of the next industrial revolution in healthcare. Biofabrication and bioprinting of any viable three-dimensional tissue will not be successful unless the vascularization challenge has been solved. Many organizations and talents around the world are actively tackling this challenge, but where are we exactly? Hear the latest perspectives, updates, and revelations from a group of technical and industrial superstars.

Advanced Solutions’ Chief Scientist, Dr. Jay Hoying, and Business Development Manager, Dr. Lehanna Sanders will be speaking at this webinar hosted by 3DHeals. Other speakers include Andrew Hudson, Jordan Miller, and Prafulla Chandra.

WHAT: 3D Bioprinting Vasculatures

WHEN: July 22, 2021 at 11:00am est

WHERE: Virtual (Zoom)



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