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Advanced Solutions & Cytiva share Agile Biofabrication Workcell at AusBioPrint 2020

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The 2nd Australian Bioprinting Workshop for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine was a great success. University of Technology Sydney’s Department of Biomedical Engineering at the event, in partnership with 3D HEALS, curated an engaging and thought-provoking event with an attendance of over 500 people from leading local and international biotechnology companies, industry, academia and clinician representatives with widely regarded experts in the field.

A key highlight of the conference was when the UTS team welcomed Advanced Solutions’ Derek Mathers and Cytiva’s Dr. Alex Rowland to give a joint presentation on their partnership. They shared how BioAssemblyBot® and Cytiva IN Cell Analyzer can be used together to rapidly accelerate innovation of 3D bioprinted constructs, enabling teams to control their tissue models over time. Watch the presentation here (10 minutes).


Advanced Solutions partners with Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences) on strategic research & development and distribution. Read more about the partnership here.

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