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Aniwaa features BioAssemblyBot in Buyer's Guide

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Aniwaa features BioAssemblyBot 400

Aniwaa, a leading tech hardware comparison platform focused on additive manufacturing and 3D scanning equipment, recently featured Advanced Solutions’ BioAssemblyBot in their comprehensive 3D Bioprinter Buyer’s Guide as one of the “Best Bioprinters in 2020.”

The Buyer’s Guide is written to help technology enthusiasts and professionals find the right industrial 3D bioprinting system. The article’s author, Benedict O’Neill, provides immediate context for the audience by providing an exceptional definition of 3D bioprinting:

“What is 3D bioprinting?

3D bioprinting is a process in which a machine called a 3D bioprinter is used to fabricate tissue structures that contain cells and an extracellular matrix. These structures can have uses in regenerative medicine, pharmaceutical testing, food production, and other areas.

Like regular 3D printing, 3D bioprinting creates 3D shapes layer by layer using a digital CAD file as a blueprint. However, by 3D printing with cells instead of plastics and metals, bioprinting can create precisely engineered tissue structures such as 3D printed organs.”

The article proceeds to help the user make an informed purchase decision, including a comparative study of the various bioprinters, describing the primary applications of 3D bioprinting, finally highlighting current limitations and regulations regarding 3D bioprinted tissues.

We are honored that the team featured BioAssemblyBot in this article as well as its own product page & look forward to continued growth of the Aniwaa platform – check out the full Bioprinting Buyer’s Guide here.

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