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Cytiva partnering with Advanced Solutions on regenerative tissue manufacturing

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

BioAssemblyBot (bioprinter, bioprinting) with a GE IN Cell Analyzer

The world's first integrated 3D bioprinter + confocal scanner (BioAssemblyBot + GE IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS)

  • Strategic R&D and distribution partnership aims to advance the field of 3D biofabrication.

  • Printed cells with vascularization would be first step toward more complex biological structures for bone, soft tissue, and organ replacements.

  • The partners will create an integrated and agile way to print cells using cellular imaging and six-axis digital biofabrication.

MARLBOROUGH, MA. and LOUISVILLE, KY. – December 8, 2019 – GE Healthcare Life Sciences and Advanced Solutions Life Sciences (ASLS) will enter into a strategic R&D and distribution partnership that sets out to personalize tissue regeneration. The integration of IN Cell Analyzer and BioAssemblyBot® systems technologies will embed cellular-level assessments into the 3D-bioprinting workflow used to create human tissue models.

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