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Islet-Mimetic Organoid Vascularization Utilizing Microvascular Fragments - AiCHe World Summit

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Microvascular Fragments

Dr,. Jay Hoying, Chief Sceintist, presents at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers' World Summit in 2019.

A crucial step for islet organoid engineering is the controlled aggregation of the varying cell types into a 3-D spheroid morphology. Our lab has developed methods for controlling heterotypic (different cell types), spheroid aggregation of human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) -derived pancreatic endocrine cells and endothelial cells. Additionally, we have had promising results in forming an intra-vascular network in the hPSC derived cells. The intra-vascular network was reproduced by aggregating hPSC derived pancreatic endocrine cells, adipose-derived microvascular fragments, and stromal cells. During this experimentation, the formation of the neo-vascular network has found to be sensitive to the phenotype of the hPSC-derived cell population and the culture media, wherein media was adjusted to promote angiogenesis while maintaining endocrine differentiation.

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