NC State Builds Ultrasound Cell Patterning System for BioAssemblyBot

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

NC State’s proof-of-concept 3D printed meniscus. Photo via NC State

Scientists led by Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker at North Carolina State University have developed a way of arranging cells in 3D bioprinted gels. With this method, the team aims to improve the fidelity of artificial tissues compared to their biological equivalents. The view is that these tissues could then be used to treat common injuries.

Rohan Shirwaiker, NC State associate professor and corresponding author of a paper discussing the results, explains, “We’ve reached the point where we are able to create medical products, such as knee implants, by printing living cells. But one challenge has been organizing the cells that are being printed, so that the engineered tissue more closely mimics natural tissues.”

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