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Groundbreaking Research Featured in SMART Manufacturing

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Groundbreaking Research Featured in SMART Manufacturing

Advanced Solutions’ groundbreaking research into vascularization is featured in the April edition of SME’s SMART Manufacturing.

“Vascularization—the development of blood vessels in tissues and organs—is a major impediment to manufacturing substitute tissue and organs. Advanced Solutions, one of the first members of ARMI, believes it has the answer: a product line called Angiomics®.”

The article, featured on page 56 of the publication, discusses the process Angiomics® uses to harvest blood vessels from fat. It goes on to discuss how the BioAssemblyBot® “’makes’ the biology” while artificial intelligence performs quality controls. The article is part of a larger feature on ARMI or the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (which Advanced Solutions was a founding member). ARMI is led by executive director Dean Kamen, inventor of the insulin pump and personal transport device, Segway. ARMI is a 170-member institute that is working to produce manufactured transplantable human organs.

Smart Manufacturing focuses on advanced manufacturing technologies and tools that are driven or enhanced by integrated information technology. Smart Manufacturing is available free of charge to qualified subscribers in the US.

Smart Manufacturing is a monthly magazine published by SME. SME is a nonprofit association of professionals, educators and students committed to promoting and supporting the manufacturing industry.


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