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Revolutionizing Life Sciences: The Power of Single Cell Dispensing

In the ever-evolving landscape of life sciences research, advancements in single cell measurement and assessment technologies are propelling us into a new era of discovery. From gene editing to antibody development, the precise manipulation and dispensing of single cells play a pivotal role in unlocking the potential of groundbreaking solutions. At Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, we're at the forefront of this revolution, introducing the BioAssemblyBot® Hand for Single Cell Dispensing — a game-changing innovation designed to streamline workflows and accelerate research outcomes.

The Need for Single Cell Solutions: In today's research landscape, applications spanning gene editing, single cell genomics, antibody development, clonal expansion, and cell line development demand precise dispensing of single cells into well-plates or custom containers. However, challenges abound, from ensuring clonality to rapidly yet gently dispensing cells and increasing workflow throughput. The need for efficient and reliable single cell dispensing solutions has never been more pressing.

Introducing the BioAssemblyBot® Hand | SCD: Enter the BioAssemblyBot® Hand | SCD — a cutting-edge solution born from our commitment to empowering researchers with innovative technology. Built upon the versatile BAB platform, the BAB Hand | SCD enables researchers to autonomously dispense single cells into a variety of plates and containers, seamlessly integrating this activity into larger, autonomous workflows. With real-time reporting capabilities through BAB's BioApps™ platform, researchers can track plating efficiencies, impedance measurements, operation timings, and imaging results with ease.

Powered by Cutting-Edge Technology: The BAB Hand | SCD leverages impedance measurements and monitoring to precisely dispense single cells from suspensions into multi-well plates and containers. Powered by BAB's multi-axis arm, which mimics the capabilities of the human arm, our solution ensures efficient dispensing while seamlessly passing pneumatics, power, and data. With the intuitive software interface of BioApps™, researchers can translate protocols into automation commands, enabling real-time reporting and analysis.

Results and Validation: Our meticulous preparations and validation processes have yielded impressive results. We've achieved high efficiency and reliability in dispensing microspheres and cells, as evidenced by our comprehensive reports and data analysis. By culturing dispensed CHO cells for subsequent colony formation and outgrowth evaluation, we've validated the effectiveness of our solution in facilitating clonal expansion and cell line development. The BAB Hand | SCD is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for impactful research outcomes.

Join the Revolution: Experience the power of Single Cell Dispensing with Advanced Solutions Life Sciences. Our innovative solutions, coupled with our commitment to excellence, empower researchers to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and drive impactful discoveries. Join us in revolutionizing life sciences research and unlocking new possibilities for the future.


Download Full Application Note:

Single Cell Dispense BAB App Note
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