Human adipose derived microvessels: contains requisite cell types and structure of the microcirculatory system for 3D cell culture systems, cells are shipped in frozen cryovials.


VIPM™ – haMV Human Adipose Microvessels Unit Size: 5 x 20K aliquots Includes freshly isolated, whole, intact adult human microvessels for laboratory use only. Shipped in frozen vials.


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This product is for RESEARCH USE ONLY and not for use in humans under any circumstances. Advanced Solutions is not responsible or liable for how this product is used.   The RESEARCH USE ONLY limitation supersedes any written, oral, or implied understanding between the parties.

Angiomics - HAMV Human Adipose Microvessels

  • Weight 1 lb
    Size 50K, 100K, 20K, 5 vials of 20K