PLG sheet is a flat sheet, 100-300 μm thick, that can be utilized as-is or in conjunction with 3D-Paints.


Polylactide-Co-Glycolide (PLG) Sheet

This research grade (not for human use) PLG sheet can be utilized as-is or in conjunction with 3D-Paints. Provided as flat sheets 100-300 μm thick, PLG sheets are flexible, rollable, and foldable. They may also be cut and punched as desired to achievable the necessary dimensions for a given application. PLG sheets may also be used as 3D-printing substrates in conjunction with other 3D-Paints. 3D-Paints 3D- printed or otherwise extruded directly onto the PLG sheet will chemically fuse with the material. This feature permits the user to 3D-print or otherwise impart patterns directly onto the flexible substrate using materials from the 3D-Paint family. PLG sheets are comprised 100 wt.% polylactide-co-glycolide (PLG).


After being 3D-printed onto, PLG sheets and the resulting composite structures should be washed in 70% ethanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol followed by water, to remove residual solvents, prior to use. PLG sheets are electrically insulating, and although they exhibit biocompatible behavior in vivo, they do not support significant cell adhesion or specific bioactivity. These physical and biological characteristics permit them to be used as flexible electrically insulative, and bio-non-adherent substrates for other electrically conductive or non-electrically conductive, highly bioactive 3D-Painted materials, such as 3D- Graphene and Hyperelastic BoneTM, respectively.


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Polylactide-Co-Glycolide (PLG) Sheet

  • Size 500 sq cm, 2000 sq cm