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    • Who We Are & Our Mission | Advanced Solutions

      Michael Golway, Founder, at Stanford Medicine X 2015.

    • Our Story | Advanced Solutions

      Detailed engineering and prototyping of the BioAssemblyBot and TSIM system began. 2014 Tested & Used In March 2014, the first built BioAssemblyBot is tested and used to produce its own components such as packaging and mixing biomaterials. 2015 Public Unveiling In November 2015, Michael Golway, inventor, publicly unveils the BioAssemblyBot at Stanford University. 2016 Assembly Begins & BioAssemblyBot's Ship In January 2016, assembly line and quality control facilities are built.

    • Published Works | Advanced Solutions

      Biomech Model Mechanobiol. 2015;14(4):767-82. A coupled model of neovessel growth and matrix mechanics describes and predicts angiogenesis in vitro. Ann Biomed Eng. 2015;43(7):1531-42. In Silico Investigation of Angiogenesis with Growth and Stress Generation Coupled to Local Extracellular Matrix Density. Angiogenesis, 2015. 18(3): p. 219-32. Large-scale time series microscopy of neovessel growth during angiogenesis ​ ​ Microvascular Biology in Health and Disease ​ Altalhi, W., Hatkar, R., Hoying, J.B., Aghazadeh, Y., and Nunes, SS. . Trends Biotechnol, 2015. 33(8): p. 442-8. Adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments: natural vascularization units for regenerative medicine Laschke, M.W., Kontaxi, E., Scheuer, C., Heß, A., Karschnia, P., Menger, MD. .

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