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  • A New Way to Bring Your 3D Biology to Life: BioAssemblyBot® 200

    IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2/2/2021 Advanced Solutions Expands the BioAssemblyBot® Platform with the BioAssemblyBot® 200 BioAssemblyBot® 200 uses a four-axis robotic arm to bioprint and automate the science workflow. BioAssemblyBot® 200 is sleek and fits right in with your existing lab equipment. “The BioAssemblyBot 200 is the most versatile bioprinter I have used in my 30+ years of work. You can learn more about BAB200 at

  • Automated Tissue Manufacturing: BioApps

    BioApps unite 3D modeling software, TSIM, with 3D bioprinting hardware, BioAssemblyBots 200 & 400 and Your BioApps can include BioAssemblyBot® 200 or BioAssemblyBot® 400, the BioStorageBot, various BioAssemblyTools

  • ARMI's Launch Draws Leading Researchers and Politicians

    Department of Defense and over $200 million in public-private investment from medical research institutions

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  • BioAssemblyBot 200: Hello, Versatility | Advanced Solutions

    Versatility is a Four-Axis 3D Bioprinter Starting at $49,500 USD GET QUOTE Learn More > Overview Tools Advantages Gallery Tech Specs Pricing GET QUOTE BioAssemblyBot 200 is built on the foundation of of research and development that created the BioAssembly platform. BioAssemblyBot 200 can transform into to meet your needs. With BioAssemblyBot 200 you can 3D bioprint hundreds of materials including some of these popular hydrogels, plastics, and pastes: Collagen Pluronic Hyaluronan Nanocellulose Alginate PEG/PEGDA Gelatin Chitosan Decellularized ECM Bone Matrix Polycaprolactone (PCL) Silicone 2021 BioAssemblyBot 200 Specifications: Required electrical cabinet and touch screen interface not shown. BioAssemblyBot 200 | with Enclosure Dimensions: 36.4 in (w) x 26.3 in (d) x 31.4 in (h) 92.46 cm (w) x 66.8 cm (d) x 79.75 cm (h) Weight: 140 lbs 63.5 kg BioAssemblyBot 200 | with HEPA filtration Dimensions: 36.4 in (w) x 26.3 in (d) x 44.5 in (h) 92.46 cm (w) x 66.8 cm (d) x 113.03 cm (h) Weight: 175 lbs 79.38 kg BioAssemblyBot 200 | for Biosafety Cabinet Dimensions: 33.5 in (w) x 24.5 in (d) x 31.1 in (h) 85.09 cm (w) x 62.2 cm (d) x 78.9 cm (h) Weight: 120 lbs 54.43 kg Build Volume 11 in (l) x 7 in (w) x 2.75 in (h) 27.94 cm (l) x 17.78 cm (w) x 6.98 cm (h) Connections Power Supply Input RJ45 CAT-5 Pneumatic Air Fitting Electrical Cabinet Dimensions 24 in (w) x 29 in (d) x 23 in (h) 60.96 cm (w) x 73.66 cm (d) x 58.42 cm (h) HEPA Filtration (optional) HEPA filters capture 99.99% of particles down to 0.3µ Power Requirements Standard US plug 120vac NEMA 5-15R reciprocal rated at 14 Amps Temperature Control : 10 to 60 C Stage Ambient to 150 C 10cc Starting at $49,500 USD GET QUOTE Ready to build your BioAssemblyBot 200?

  • Gallery | Advanced Solutions

    Heated Bioprinting Bioprinting with the 3D Syringe | Hot BioAssemblyTool in a biosafety cabinet Culture Feeding Culture Feeding with BioAssemblyBot 200 Immunostaining Immunostaining with BioAssemblyBot 200 Multi-Material Bioprinting Multi-material bioprinting with BioAssemblyBot 200 Bioprinting Workflow Moving well plates, bioprinting, & pipetting with BioAssemblyBot 200 Scanning & Contour Bioprinting Scanning & contour bioprinting with BioAssemblyBot 200 3D Bioprinting 3D Bioprinting with BioAssemblyBot 200 BioBot Basic This video demonstrates how the BioBot™ Basic uses polar coordinates to complete 3D printing tasks. 6-Axis Advantage of BAB400 Here we demonstrate the 6-axis robot arm picking up a tool then putting it back into place.

  • Pipette

    Pipette Features Automate pipetting throughout your 3D bioprinting and biofabrication workflow Compatible with standard pipette tips including clear or black (conductive) with 10, 20, 25, 50, 175, 200, and 1,000 µL capacities Dispense speed of 1 µL/second up to 3000 µL/second Volume resolution of 0.024µL/step with 48000 increments/full stroke Automatic detection of liquid levels, tips, blockage, step loss, and more Integrated tip ejection Compatibility BioAssemblyBot 400, BioAssemblyBot 200 ASLS-0000222 Recommended 3D Laser Scan ​ Learn More Pick & Place ​ Learn More 3D Dual Syringe Pneumatic Dispense Learn More

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