Design & Print 3D Biological Models

TSIM gives you the power to create complex, biomimetic objects with point and click 3D CAD software. Easily design tissues and assays customized to specific labware or bring in your 3D files from other software.


Go from designing, to making.

TSIM enables users to quickly design and print 3D biological models on BioBot Basic, and BioAssemblyBots 200, 400, and 500.

Medical Image Viewing in TSM

Start from medical imaging.

Unlike traditional 3D design software, TSIM brings in medical image data from CT or MRIs to empower bioengineers and life scientists to design around the patient.

Prototype digitally.

Understand geometries, flow paths, and material combinations of your tissue model or assay before extruding precious biomaterials.

Digital prototyping in TSIM
Digital prototyping in TSIM
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Save time.

Automated G-code creation, no matter how complex the geometry or workflow.


Expand your capabilities.

Make more relevant models for surgical planning. Translate your hypothesis into a custom solution.

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Find new ways to build 3D biology.

Develop new methods for your work. Quickly mock up your 3D models. Be empowered to shift the paradigm. 


TSIM Key Features & Specifications:


3D Design Tools

Materials Database



Works with BioBot Basic, BioAssemblyBots 200, 400, & 500

Compatible Imaging Filetypes



Medical Image Import

STL File

Import/Export Capabilities

Syncs with:


Compatible Operating System

Windows 10 (64-bit)