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3D Syringe | Hot

Pneumatic Dispense


Advanced Solutions’ 3D Syringe | Hot is a heat-controlled bioprinthead designed for printing thermoplastics, hydrogels, and pastes. Primary applications include the fabrication of hard tissue scaffolds, microfluidic devices, and medical devices. This printhead has a heating capacity of up to 150C, making it compatible with a variety of FDA compliant plastics such as PCL & PLGA. 3D Syringe | Hot tools can maintain their temperature on-bay, giving our users freedom to test prints without pre-maturely warming their bioinks as well as maintains sensitive materials at the required temperature throughout the printing process


  • Pneumatic, multi-axis 3D bioprinthead enables melt extrusion

  • Quick-release barrel holders enables easy & clean loading and cleaning of pellet materials

  • Maintains temperature throughout workflow – including on-bay and during printing

  • Ideal for printing thermoplastics such as PCL, PLA, and PLGA

  • Compatible with 30-mL stainless steel or Nordson EFD high-temperature syringe barrels

  • Automated tip detection & calibration

  • Seamlessly 3D bioprints with TSIM® software, or include an in automated biofabrication workflow with BioApps™


BioAssemblyBot 200, BioAssemblyBot 400, BioAssemblyBot 500

  • ASLS-0000104 (30 mL)



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