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3D Syringe | UV

Pneumatic Dispense


Advanced Solutions’ 3D Syringe | UV enables users to easily 3D bioprint photocurable biomaterials such as methacrylated materials. Utilizing BioApps™ software, BAB users can easily & quickly define UV curing pathways into their biofabrication workflows to occur during extrusion or as a post-processing step. Our UV Disinfection tool can be used before a print to ensure sterility (along with our BAB Sterilization Protocol) of the build environment. 


  • Pneumatic extrusion-based, multi-axis 3D bioprinthead enables bioprinting with materials that require light based crosslinking

  • Quick-release barrel holder enables easy & clean loading of biomaterials

  • Maintains temperature throughout workflow – including on-bay and during printing

  • Ideal for 3D printing UV curable biomaterials including such as GelMA

  • UV wavelengths of 365nm or 405nm

  • Compatible with 30-mL syringe barrels

  • Seamlessly control temperature, 3D bioprint, and crosslink the material with TSIM® software, or include an in automated biofabrication workflow with BioApps™


BioAssemblyBot 400

  • ASLS-0000107 (30 mL)



3D Syringe | Hot

Pneumatic Dispense

3D Dual Syringe | Coaxial

Pneumatic Dispense

3D Syringe | Cold

Pneumatic Dispense

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