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In 1987, ASI is founded as a reseller of Autodesk software, digital prototyping & design


Michael Golway acquires Advanced Solutions, Inc.

In November 2004, Michael Golway, an entrepreneur and engineer acquires Advanced Solutions, Inc.


The Inflection Point: New Focus on Biofabrication Technology

Michael Golway, P.E. in 2010

Dr. Jay Hoying in 2010

In October 2010, Advanced Solutions President and CEO Michael Golway, P.E. was invited to attend a tour at the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute (CII) in Louisville, Kentucky. It was an impactful professional moment for him - on each floor of the facility, he met brilliant scientists finding solutions for cardiovascular disease.

It was on this tour where he met Dr. James (Jay) Hoying, who had recently made a discovery about microvessel networks that would forever change humanity's understanding of angiogenesis. Michael and Jay became fast friends, a common passion in applying technology to solve problems for the advancement of medical science.

Starting immediately, Michael & Jay partnered with their top scientists and engineers to explore ways to advance the field of tissue engineering.


Between 2011 and 2013, the first conceptual designs for an integrated bio assembly platform (what would become the BioAssemblyBot), software (TSIM), and vascularization techniques began to emerge.

An Idea is Born



In 2012, Michael presented Jay, and others at the CII, a robotic platform that today is the BioAssemblyBot. He asked a question, "If Advanced Solutions could build this robot, would it make a profound and positive difference in helping you advance the science of tissue engineering?"

The response was a resounding "YES!"

Early concept sketches

BioAssemblyBot & TSIM in 2020


Early Prototype

In March of 2013, Advanced Solutions, Inc. began investing significant capital into building BioAssemblyBot and setting out on a journey that would teach a robot to 3D print vascularized human organs.

Early proof of concept to demonstrate the six-axes robotic freedom.

Engineering Begins

In March 2013, Advanced Solutions, Inc. establishes a wholly owned subsidiary called Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, LLC to develop and further science. Detailed engineering and prototyping of the BioAssemblyBot and TSIM system began.


Tested & Used

In March 2014, the first built BioAssemblyBot is tested and used to produce its own components such as packaging and mixing biomaterials.


Public Unveiling

In November 2015, Michael Golway, inventor, publicly unveils the BioAssemblyBot at Stanford University. 


Assembly Begins & BioAssemblyBot's Ship

In January 2016, assembly line and quality control facilities are built. In February 2016, the first commercial BioAssemblyBot ships to Stanford University for 3D bioprinting cardiac models.

BioAssemblyBot Featured in Publication

In November 2016, the BioAssemblyBot is featured in Dr. Ibrahim T. Ozbolat's book, 3D Bioprinting: Fundamentals, Principles, and Applications.


Global Innovation Award

In May 2017, Young Presidents Organization (YPO) recognized Michael Golway with the 2017 Global Innovation Award for the BioAssemblyBot technology platform..

BioAssemblyBot Featured in Second Publication

In May 2017, the BioAssemblyBot is featured in Dr. Kevin Healy's book, Comprehensive Biomaterials II.

CNBC Interviews Michael Golway

In June 2017, CNBC interviews Michael Golway to discuss the BioAssemblyBot and the future of 3D bioprinting human organs.

A Founding Member of BiofabUSA

In November 2017, Advanced Solutions becomes the inaugural tier one member of BiofabUSA, joining the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute, ARMI, in its mission to make practical large-scale manufacturing of engineered tissues and tissue-related technologies, to benefit existing industries and grow new ones.


Dr. Jay Hoying joins Advanced Solutions

In January 2018, Dr. Jay Hoying joins Advanced Solutions full-time and is named Chief Scientist.

Patent Awarded

In March 2018, Advanced Solutions was awarded a patent for BioAssemblyBot.

Angiomics Launches

In April 2018, Advanced Solutions launches Angiomics microvessel technology platform supporting tissue and tissue model vascularization.

Laboratory Opens in Manchester, NH

In June 2018, Advanced Solutions cut the ribbon on a Tissue & Assay Design laboratory in Manchester, NH apart of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute. 

cGMP Certification Achieved

In July 2018, Advanced Solutions achieved cGMP certification from UL for BioAssemblyBot and BioBot Basic manufacturing.

Expansion into Denver

in October 2018, Advanced Solutions opened an office in Denver, CO at Catalyst Health Tech.

BioAssemblyBot Prints Contoured Skin

In November 2018, Dr. Christophe A. Marquette's 3D FAB announced Contour Skin Printing Platform using BioAssemblyBot.


"Heart Attack Patch" created with BioAssemblyBot

In February 2019, Dr. Vahid Serpooshan created a "heart attack patch" with the BioAssemblyBot.

UL, CE, and CAN Certifications Achieved for BioAssemblyBot

In March 2019, Advanced Solutions achieved UL, CE, and CAN certifications for the BioAssemblyBot.

Ultrasonically-Aligned Human Knee Meniscus

In April 2019, North Carolina State University used a BioAssemblyBot to 3D bioprint and ultrasonically-align human knee meniscus.

Vascularized In-Vitro Perfusion Module Patent Awarded

In August 2019, Advanced Solutions was awarded a patent for vascularized in-vitro perfusion module.

4D Bioprinted Heart Constructs built with BioAssemblyBot

In October 2019, the University of Maryland built a 4D bioprinted heart construct by using BioAssemblyBot.

Silicone Constructs

In October 2019, Advanced Solutions demonstrated 3D tissue constructs using silicone (PDMS).

Advisory Board Established

In October 2019, Advanced Solutions established an Advisory Board with Bill Bastian Jr. and Steve Blum as inaugural members.

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Advanced Solutions

In November 2019, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Advanced Solutions with the Global 3D Bioprinting Best Practices Award.

New Partnership Announced

In December 2019, Advanced Solutions announced a new partnership with Cytiva, formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences, for research, development, and distribution.

2020 & Beyond

Innovating for Tomorrow

Advanced Solutions remains committed to always innovating and developing new technologies.

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