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Perfuse 3D biology: organoids, spheroids, and 3D tissues.

The PerFuseIt manifold is customizable to different well plate sizes and can provide continuous media circulation of static cultures. The system can also integrate with transwell inserts to incorporate a flow-through collection and analysis strategy for your assays.

UL-certified BioBot Basic 3D benchtop, entry-level bioprinter loaded up with five material types

Perfuse 3D Cell and Tissue Cultures

3D Bioprint
3D bioprint cells
into well plate
PerFuseIt Cassette pump
Attach PerFuseIt
cassette and pumps
PerFuseIt and incubate in-vitro
Perfuse and incubate
3D model in-vitro
PerFuseIt Drip & Sip

Drip & Sip.

Drips media into single wells and sips it out. Ideal for organoids and spheroids. Inlet drips media into a well and outlet sips from the top of the collected media within the well, maintaining a particular fluid volume. Input/output heights and spatial locations of the well are customizable.


Perfuse into basket and out of membrane. Ideal for cell interaction studies. Inlet drips media into transwell basket and media flows through cell/tissue culture and porous transwell mesh into the well below. The outlet sips from the top of the collected media to maintain a specific fluid height. Transwell provides hydrostatic pressure-driven flow through 3D tissue or cell culture. 


Full Microfluidic.

Automate perfusion via BioAssemblyBots, ideal for high-throughput 3D assays. Input/output ports directly interface with the tissue construct’s vascular channels. Pump drives the media/buffer flow through the construct and out. 


Better Tissue Conditioning. 

Flow-based conditioning of engineered tissues.

More Viable Biology.

Enable better cell & tissue viability, function and longevity with cell nourishment.


Create in-vitro perfusable organ models easily to study microphysiological environments and test reactions.

Easier Angiogenesis Assays.

Direct vascular self-assembly with nourished stromal cells.

Tech Specs

PerFuseIt Key Features & Specifications:


Integrates with Standard Syringe Pumps


Perfuse bioprinted constructs, organoids, and spheroids


Compatible with all culture medias and reagents

Microfluidic Management

Integrates directly into your workflow


Use with BioAssemblyBots

200, 400, & 500

Manifold Configurations Available:

6, 12, 24, 48, or 96-well plates

Compatible Well Plates:

Corning Costar 6, 12, 24, 48,

or 96-well plates


BioStorageBot Benchtop

cassettes available



Compatible Pumps:

Any single or multi-channel

syringe pump

Recommended Tubing:

0.0625” outer diameter,

0.03” inner diameter FEP tubing 

PerFuseIt logo

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The Advanced Solutions Louisville, KY facility has been audited by UL Registrar LLC and meets GMP requirements listed in RCP, NBCP, or Pharmaceutical Certification Schemes which is uniquely accredited by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) developed in accordance with applicable sections of the FDA’s code of federal regulations.

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