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Enable your precious 3D cell culture to survive and thrive

96 Well Plte with PerFuseIt

Control Fluid & Media Delivery to Cell and Tissue Cultures

Integrate microfluidic management into your workflow

Perfuse 3D bioprinted constructs, organoids, spheroids, and assays

Easy to handle, setup & sterilize

Connects with standard syringe pumps

Compatible with all culture medias and reagents

Compatible with 96, 48, 24, & 6-well plates

Automates with BioAssemblyBot

Why add perfusion to 3D cell culture?

Nourishment enables better cell & tissue viability, function and longevity

Flow-based condioning of engineered tissues

Better replicates the in-vivo environment

More informative drug screening results

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A Cassette for Every Experiment

Cassettes are customizable, compatible, and compact


Drip & Sip

Drips media into single wells and sips it out. Ideal for organoids and spheroids.



Perfuse into basket and out of membrane. Ideal for cell interaction studies.

Full Microfluidic PerFuseIt

Full Microfluidic

Automate perfusion via BioAssemblyBot. Ideal for high-throughput 3D assays.

PerFuseIt Drip & Sip

PerFuseIt Drip & Sip

  • Inlet drips media into a well

  • Outlet sips from the top of the collected media within the well, maintaining a particular fluid volume

  • I/O heights and spatial locations of the well are customizable


​PerFuseIt Transwell

  • Inlet drips media into transwell basket

  • Media flows through cell/tissue culture and porous transwell mesh into the well below

  • Outlet sips from top of the collected media to maintain a specific fluid height

  • Provides hydrostatic pressure-driven flow through the 3D tissue or cell culture

PerFuseIt Transwell

​PerFuseIt Full Microfluidic

  • I/O ports directly interface with the tissue construct's vascular channels

  • Pump is driving the media/buffer flow through the construct and out

  • Automate perfusion workflow via BioAssemblyBot

  • Ideal for high-throughput 3D or 2D assays


How to Add Perfusion to 3D Cell and Tissue Culture

3D Bioprint

3D bioprint cells into well plate

PerFuseIt Cassette pump

Attach PerFuseIt cassette and pumps

PerFuseIt and incubate in-vitro

Perfuse and incubate 3D model in-vitro

Key Applications

BioAssemblyBot and IN Cell Analyzer adds value to tissue engineering, drug discovery, and precision medicine

Tissue Conditioning

Tissue Conditioning
Development Biology

Development Biology

Angiogenesis Assays

Angiogenesis Assays
PerFuseIt Cassette with pumps


3D Cell Culture

3D Cell Culture
Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery


Build channel perfusion into 3D culture

Automated Assembly of PerFuseIt + In-Vitro Module (IPM)

TV with a video of BioApps playing
  • Design in TSIM and fabricate with BioAssemblyBot a perfused microvasculature system - with or without parenchyma

  • Recapitulates native vascularization (angiogenesis and remodeling)

  • Integrates with precision medicine workflows: assays, screens, and therapies

Truly vascularized, living tissues

Build truly vascularized, living tissues

What happens when we combine microvessels, perfusion, and the perfect conditions?


PerFuseIt Specifications:


Chips available with 6, 12, 24, 48, or 96 well size


Stainless Steel Hypotubes of desired diameter and length

Compatible Incubators

Fits within any standard incubation system

Compatible Well Plates

Corning Costar 6, 12, 24, 48, or 96 Well Plates

Compatible Pumps

Any single or mult-channel syringe pump

Recommended Tubing

1/16" OD FEP tubing for connection


Ready to perfuse your cell or 3D tissue culture?

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