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Automated Tissue Manufacturing: BioApps

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Build complex tissue models with one click using Advanced Solutions BioApps™. BioApps unite 3D modeling software, TSIM, with 3D bioprinting hardware, BioAssemblyBots 200 & 400 and living cells & biomaterials like Angiomics Microvessels. Let BioApps build your tissue models giving you more freedom and time to work on other items.

BioApps Tissue Kit

BioApps make the biomanufacturing process easy…

1) Simply choose your BioApp and a tissue kit containing all the components necessary will be sent to you.

2) Follow the simple prep steps once the kit arrives.

3) Then the BioApp does the rest, telling your BioAssemblyBot to autonomously perform all steps or tasks specific to that tissue model.

The ever-growing selection of available BioApps include manufacturing VAO well plates and 3D Liver constructs, with more coming soon. The BioApps Market is a makerspace of community and Advanced Solutions made applications. You can automate your own workflows by creating your own BioApp with BioApps Maker.

Your BioApps can include BioAssemblyBot® 200 or BioAssemblyBot® 400, the BioStorageBot, various BioAssemblyTools, and 3D models from TSIM. Additionally, BioApps can integrate with the Cytiva IN Cell Analyzer with additional integrations coming soon.


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