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A New Way to Bring Your 3D Biology to Life: BioAssemblyBot® 200

Updated: Jun 14, 2022



Advanced Solutions Expands the BioAssemblyBot® Platform with the BioAssemblyBot® 200, an Industry Unique Four-Axis Robotic 3D Bioprinter

BioAssemblyBot 200

LOUISVILLE, KY, USA – Hello, versatility. Advanced Solutions announces their newest patented, cGMP and UL certified bioprinter, the BioAssemblyBot® 200. BAB200, as its affectionately known, joins the award winning BioAssemblyBot® 400 (BAB400) as an automated multi-tasking bioprinter. BioAssemblyBot® 200 uses a four-axis robotic arm to bioprint and automate the science workflow.

“BAB200 provides our customers with a powerful benchtop alternative to develop and translate research ideas into clinical reality.” said Michael Golway, P.E., the Lead Inventor of the BioAssembly platform and CEO of Advanced Solutions.

BioAssemblyBot® 200 is built on the foundation of over 50,000+ hours of research and development that created the BioAssemblyBot® 400 platform. Innovations like interchangeable BioAssemblyTools™, vision tip detect, variable print stage, and the design/make software programs of TSIM® and BioApps™, respectively, are just a few of the features from the BAB400 platform that are now available in BAB200. Breaking the mold from other traditional bioprinters, BioAssemblyBot® 200 combines four-axis robotics with three unique forms to meet your needs. Whether in its enclosed form on the lab benchtop, enclosed with HEPA filtration system, or in a biosafety cabinet, BAB200 is a powerhouse at 3D biology efficiency and capability.

BioAssemblyBot® 200 takes three forms (left to right) biosafety cabinet, enclosed, and enclosed with HEPA filtration.
BioAssemblyBot® 200 takes three forms (left to right) biosafety cabinet, enclosed, and enclosed with HEPA filtration.

BioAssemblyBot® 200 is sleek and fits right in with your existing lab equipment. BAB200 is easy-to-use and control with the included touch screen interface.

“The BioAssemblyBot 200 is the most versatile bioprinter I have used in my 30+ years of work. My team readily transitions from HEPA-controlled prints on the benchtop to fully sterile work in a biosafety cabinet, performing a spectrum of different printing tasks with the same machine” said Dr. Jay Hoying, Chief Scientist of Advanced Solutions

BioAssemblyBot® 200 is more than a 3D bioprinter. With bays for up to five active BioAssemblyTools™, BAB200 offers flexibility in the bioprinting workflow to deliver a rich library of automated science outcomes ensuring a return on investment that will supercharge research results.

You can learn more about BAB200 at


Advanced Solutions is dedicated to the discovery, design, and development of integrated software and hardware solutions for the fields of science that involve living organisms, molecular biology, and biotechnology. Advanced Solutions is based in Louisville, KY, USA.


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