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Hello, versatility.

BioAssemblyBot 200 is a versatile powerhouse bioprinter. BAB200 takes three forms: biosafety cabinet ready, enclosed, and enclosed with HEPA filtration. Whether you are using the four-axis arm bioprint, pick up well plates, or pipette material, BAB200 is built for the modern lab.

UL-certified BioBot Basic 3D benchtop, entry-level bioprinter loaded up with five material types

Three of a kind.


BioAssemblyBot 200 can transform into three unique forms to meet your needs. BAB200 is perfect for working under a biosafety cabinet, enclosed is perfect for the lab benchtop and enclosed with HEPA filtration is perfect for biology where air quality must be maintained.

A tool for every need.

BAB200 swaps "hands" allowing users to 3D bioprint with temperature control, move well plates, and pipette with up to five different BioAssemblyBot Hands in one run.


Collaborate with others.

Supercharge your collaboration. Expand collaborative opportunities with new people and equipment that integrates directly into your existing lab ecosystem.

Happy Scientist

Solve problems, faster.

Prove your hypothesis in fast, efficient ways with automation. Get back to "doing the science" that you love by eliminating time consuming repetitive tasks.

Develop curative solutions.

Focus on deeply personalized medicine by implementing curative solutions and not just symptom management cost effective and time efficient solutions.

Brain Surgeon

Scale up R&D.

Enable product innovation with quick testing and simplified complex manufacturing processes. Cause a positive impact on your department's bottom line.


Design with TSIM.

Create complex, biomimetic objects from medical imaging with easy-to-use point & click 3D software.