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The Segway's Inventor Has a New Project: Manufacturing Human Organs

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

In this article, Liz Brody writes about the extraordinary life of Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway, and how his new venture into human organ manufacturing utilizes Advanced Solutions BioAssemblyBot.

"Advanced Solutions in Louisville KY, another ARMI member that has also opened a branch in the Millyard, is focused on the manufacturing side. 'BAB,' their BioAssembly Bot, 3D-prints human cells and has a six-axis robot arm that makes structures, holds tools, and does assembly. With BAB, engineers at Advanced Solutions have used cells from belly fat to create blood vessels, and they’re currently working on vascularizing a liver with another ARMI member. 'In a lot of cases we have moved beyond scaffolds,' says engineer and CEO Michael Golway. 'BAB is so flexible she really allows us to do design tissue structures in a way that we can add the cells, so that it can be 100% living.'"

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