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LOUISVILLE, KY, USA – Advanced Solutions today announced that it has entered into agreements with Vital Health Technologies, LLC (VHT) of Doha, Qatar and their sister company, H&D Medical Store and Equipment Trading, LLC (H&D Medical) of Dubai, UAE, leading medical and research technology solution providers in their markets, as regional business partners for the BioAssemblyBot® technology platform in Qatar and the UAE markets.

Michael Golway, P.E., President & CEO of Advanced Solutions
Michael Golway, P.E., President & CEO of Advanced Solutions

"With VHT and H&D Medical as our business partners in the region it strengthens our commitment to bring a profound and positive platform to the brightest scientists and clinicians on the planet,” said Michael Golway, CEO and President of Advanced Solutions. “Working with the teams at VHT and H&D Medical has been great and we are excited for the opportunity to better serve the Qatar and UAE markets.”

“The strategic partnership with Advanced Solutions is consistent with our mission to support our research & clinical customers across Qatar and UAE,” said Darious K.K., CEO of VHT and H&D Medical. “We firmly believe through this partnership we continue to deliver an advanced technology platform to help, support and improve the healthcare system and our valued customers vision towards achieving the best in industry.”

BioAssemblyBot 400
BioAssemblyBot 400

VHT and H&D Medical will be the channel partners of Advanced Solutions’ BioAssemblyBot® technology platform in Qatar and the UAE. The patented and cGMP-certified platform is an intelligent agile robotic platform used to build and assemble biological structures. More than a 3D bioprinter, BioAssemblyBots® leverages over 60 years of industrial robotic innovation to bring speed, quality, high-precision and low-cost manufacturing to the task of building tissues and organs.

BioAssemblyBot 200
BioAssemblyBot 200

The BioAssemblyBots® are uniquely qualified to meet scientists’ needs. BioAssemblyBot® 400 (BAB400) is the most advanced bioassembly platform, with a six-axis arm, BAB400 uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to bring science to life. The BioAssemblyBot® 200 (BAB200) is a four-axis bioprinter that takes three forms: biosafety cabinet ready, enclosed, and enclosed with HEPA filtration. The BABs have a common bond of enabling a teachable robot platform to automate 3D biology and build 3D human tissue models. Enabling this are BAB’s interchangeable hands. At the end of the robotic arm there is a universal connector that joins with a growing library of BioAssemblyTools™ that can inject cells, build 3D biology, move material around, and pipette at microprecision.

Some of the wide array of BioAssemblyTools that help complete the BioAssemblyBot technology platform.
Some of the wide array of BioAssemblyTools that help complete the BioAssemblyBot technology platform.

With the agreement, VHT and H&D Medical’s valued medical research, key opinion leaders, and surgeons will have access to the same great support from the Advanced Solutions team. You can learn more about the BioAssemblyBot® 400 at advancedsolutions.com/bioassemblybot-400 and the BioAssemblyBot® 200 at advancedsolutions.com/bioassemblybot-200.


About Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, LLC:

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Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, LLC (Advanced Solutions) is dedicated to the discovery, design, and development of integrated software and hardware solutions for the fields of science that involve living organisms, molecular biology, and biotechnology. Advanced Solutions is based in Louisville, KY, USA.

About Vital Health Technologies, LLC:

Vital Health Technologies, LLC (VHT) is a medical and research technology distribution company that delivers services and solutions to the healthcare and clinical research industry. VHT is based in Doha, Qatar.

About H&D Medical Store and Equipment Trading, LLC:

H&D Medical Store and Equipment Trading, LLC (H&D Medical) is a value-added equipment reseller that seeks to not just distribute healthcare technologies but to partner with customers to meet their needs. H&D Medical is based in Dubai, UAE.

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