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A true human microcirculation,
in vitro.

The ability to establish and maintain a functional microcirculation in vitro significantly enables a broad array of biomedical applications including advanced tissue modeling and tissue therapeutics. The human in vitro microcirculation formed in the Angiomics VIPM platform, which recapitulates native tissue vascularization from isolated pieces of intact human adipose microvessels (haMVs), is a bona fide, adaptive microcirculation enabling true vascularized tissue modeling and tissue vascular perfusion in vitro.

Start with human adipose microvessels (haMVs).


Human adipose microvessels (haMVs) are pieces of intact arterioles, capillaries and venules isolated from discarded lipoaspirate tissue. haMVs retain the native microvessel structure as well as a spectrum of vascular and perivascular niche cell types.


Isolated haMVs, stored as frozen aliquots, range in lengths and diameters and have similar gene expression across different isolation lots (as determined by RNA Seq). 


Following expansion via angiogenesis (new vessels arising from existing, parent vessels), haMVs can readily inosculate with the host circulation in a subcutaneous implant animal model and remodel into a new microcirculation. UEA-1=human vessels, GSL-1=rodent vessels, dextran=blood tracer.


Explore vascularization in vitro.


In vitro, haMVs seeded into a 3D collagen gel undergo sprouting angiogenesis (arrows) to form an interconnected network of neovessels, leading to a perfused neovascular network following inosculation with a fluidic perfusion supply, similar to what happens in vivo.

An in vitro microcirculation develops.


Measurements of microvascular topology in the VIPM microcirculation reflects a native microcirculation with heterogenous vessel diameters and changes in vessel length density and branching concomitant with increased microvessel segment cellularity consistent with microvascular maturation.

Microvessels within the VIPM microcirculation are mature.


Microvascular elements of the in vitro microcirculation of the VIPM exhibit native microvessel cellular organization and expression patterns of genes associated with mature microvessels. 

Microvessels within the VIPM microcirculation have patent lumens.


Microvessel segments within the VIPM microcirculation have patent lumens (assessed by confocal microscopy) with smooth, well-defined walls characteristic of mature microvessels in vivo.


Histology shows heterogeneous microvessels with open lumens and multi-cellular walls reflective of arterioles, capillaries, and venules. Matures vasculatures show distinct morphologies compared to angiogenic neovessels. 

Perfuse, in vitro.

Fluorescent beads can be perfused through the mature vascular network.


The Angiomics VIPM is the first example of a human, native-like microcirculation established in vitro. The network topology and multi-cellular, lumenized microvessel segments are indicative of a mature, perfused microvasculature. Combined with other stromal elements (e.g. cells and matrices) and parenchymal cell types, including tumor cells, the VIPM has considerable utility in generating complex, in vitro tissue models complete with a perfused, dynamic, microcirculation.

Alternative Perfusion Techniques


Channel Systems


Endothelial Cell Chips



from Advanced Solutions


Native Microcirculation

  • Hierarchical

  • Adaptive

  • Vasoactive

  • VSMC

  • Stem Cells

  • Pericytes/MSCs

  • CD45+

  • Angiogenesis

  • Remodeling

  • Maturation

  • Vasculogenesis

Model Complex Tissue-Vessel Dynamics

Large Tissue Volumes


Tissue Vascularization

Tech Specs

Angiomics VIPM Key Features & Specifications:


Integrates with Standard Syringe Pumps


Perfuse bioprinted constructs, organoids, and spheroids


Compatible with all culture medias and reagents

Vasoactivate Microcirculation

Controlled Microvascular Perfusion

Creates an in vivo-like, vascularized tissue environment

Model Blood : Tissue Dynamics

Integrate with other stromal and parenchyma cells


Use with BioAssemblyBots

200, 400, & 500




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Angiomics Human Adipose Microvessels by Advanced Solutions are for RESEARCH USE ONLY and not for use in humans under any circumstances. Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, LLC. and Advanced Solutions, Inc. are not responsible or liable for how this product is used. The RESEARCH USE ONLY limitation supersedes any written, oral, or implied understanding between the parties.

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