The Missing Link for Vascularized Tissue


Intact human microvessels, harvested from adipose

Derived as fragments of human vasculatures, our microvessels retain key cells intrinsic to regeneration

Our unique approach to vascularizing tissue

Recapitulate angiogenesis within a wide variety of 3D culture environments


Microvessel vials are thawed and pipetted or bioprinted into 3D cell culture


Growing vessels inosculate, establishing a perfusable microvasculature

Neovessels sprout from parents and retain lumens



Responsibly manufactured for quality science

Frozen into aliquots after harvest, our microvessels are easy to thaw, pipette, and 3D bioprint

50-200µ in Length 

10-50µ in Diameter

Microscope view of MV fragments

Vasculature that adapts & remodels

Angiomics microvessels vascuarize 3D assays, organoids, spheroids, co-culture and more

Tissue Repair

Achieve rapid inosculation and perfusion with implant-site circulations.


Trust Your Science with Angiomics

Our system is backed by peer-reviewed, published work on tissue repair, 3D assays, and vascular biology

View Peer Reviewed Work

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Available sizes

20K, 50K, 100K, 5 vials of 10K, 5 vials of 20K


Angiomics microvessels start at $585.00 (USD)


This product is for RESEARCH USE ONLY and not for use in humans under any circumstances. Advanced Solutions is not responsible or liable for how this product is used.   The RESEARCH USE ONLY limitation supersedes any written, oral, or implied understanding between the parties.

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