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BioAssemblyBot® 500: The Future of Curative Healthcare




LOUISVILLE, KY, USA – Building on the BioAssembly™ revolution, Advanced Solutions announces the latest bioprinter in the BioAssemblyBot® technology platform. The BioAssemblyBot® 500, or BAB500 for short, is an industry unique six-axis robotic bioprinter that fully operates inside a Class II, Type-A biosafety cabinet. BAB500 builds upon the award winning BioAssemblyBot® 400 six-axis technology platform, incorporating a seamless integration with a rich library of BioAssemblyTools™, TSIM® and BioApps™ software.

Leveraging over 75,000 engineering and scientific research and development hours, the BAB500 incorporates a unique combination of technologies to enable clinic-grade manufacturing of human tissue models for new drug discovery and research, and therapeutic tissues at the point-of-use. “These next generation tissue solutions will be custom manufactured as needed in a controlled setting without the very problematic challenges of shipping and storing living tissues. And the BioAssemblyBot® 500 will lead the on-demand curative healthcare market,” said Dr. Jay Hoying, Chief Scientist of Advanced Solutions.

“The BioAssemblyBot® 500 represents the best of our innovation at Advanced Solutions and a culmination of over 10-years developing the BioAssembly™ Technology Platform. BAB500 is specifically designed for pharma and clinical applications. It will be used by leading scientist around the world to design personalized patient pharma treatments, unique to the patients body and DNA, and by surgeons to replace diseased or damaged tissues using the patients DNA as the raw material. The BioAssemblyBots® are getting smarter and smarter and are learning how to assemble biology in ways that creates functional and useful solutions for humans. The technology is now available to unleash a tidal wave of cures and healthcare solutions.” said Michael Golway, President & CEO of Advanced Solutions.

Just like the other BioAssemblyBots® from Advanced Solutions, BAB500 features a universal adapter on the end of the robotic arm’s wrist allowing for bioprinting, pipetting, moving materials around, and more within the safety of the closed biosafety cabinet. Up to ten BioAssemblyTools™ can be used in a single run. And, just like the other BioAssemblyBots®, BAB500 is driven by powerful software suite including TSIM® and BioApps™. TSIM®, enables 3D design freedom, creating complex, biomimetic objects with point and click 3D CAD software. Additionally, with BAB500, users can complete complex assays and protocols using BioApps™. BioApps™ enable multi-step processes that can be done without human interaction.

BioAssemblyBot® 500 will revolutionize tissue manufacturing and curative healthcare.

You can learn more about BioAssemblyBot®500 at:


About Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, LLC:

Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, LLC (Advanced Solutions) is dedicated to the discovery, design, and development of integrated software and hardware solutions for the fields of science that involve living organisms, molecular biology, and biotechnology. Advanced Solutions is based in Louisville, KY, USA.


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