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The future of curative healthcare.

BioAssemblyBot 500 provides the next level of environmental control over the biofabrication process. The six-axis robotic arm and the collection of tools make BAB500 a unique offering for tissue engineering. With it being housed in a biosafety cabinet to ensure a sterile environment, life scientists will have further control over all parameters in their assays.

UL-certified BioBot Basic 3D benchtop, entry-level bioprinter loaded up with five material types

Building 3D biology for humans.


BioAssemblyBot 500 is the only six-axis biofabrication device with an integrated Class II, Type-A biosafety cabinet. BAB500 can be easily taught to translate your biology recipe into clinical solutions. 

Can I get a hand?

BioAssemblyBot 500 swaps "hands" giving users the ability to 3D bioprint while controlling temperature, pressure, UV exposure, and more with our ever-growing catalog tools. With BAB500, you can use up to 10 BioAssemblyBot Hands in a single run.


Be empowered to the solve tough scientific challenges.

Disrupt the status quo by setting a new scientific standard and change the paradigm in experimental capabilities and approaches. 

Petri Dishes

Become the catalyst of good.

Discover new methods, applications, and purposes for existing medications and treatment methods.

Discover Drug Efficacy, Faster.

Create better, smarter disease models with a higher fidelity to the native tissue assay, producing fewer false positives.

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Laboratory Scientist

Publish more.

Produce more peer-reviewed publications and support faculty research endeavors. Expand your ability to win grant dollars.