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More than a bioprinter.

BioAssemblyBot 400 is an intelligent robot used by life scientists to build biological structures. BAB400 has a six-axis advantage--mimicking a human arm to bioprint, pick up biology, and complete complex assays.


More than a bioprinter, much more.

Unlike traditional bioprinters, BioAssemblyBot 400 manipulates tissue assays over time, providing valuable information to users on the state of their biology. BAB400 can nurture and analyze biology throughout your entire workflow.


An adaptive, machine learning, biofabrication powerhouse.

From automated calibration to failure correction, BioAssemblyBot 400 uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to keep your biology happy, getting better with each print.

Expandable and designed for modern biology and drug discovery labs.

Produce living tissues, organoids, and spheroids more consistently than ever before. Then analyze them without ever touching the well plate. BAB400 integrates seamlessly with lab equipment, including confocal microscopes like Cytiva's IN Cell Analyzer and Molecular Devices' ImageXpress, with more integrations coming soon.


Can I get a hand?

BioAssemblyBot 400 swaps "hands" giving users the ability to 3D bioprint while controlling temperature, pressure, UV exposure, and more with our ever-growing catalog tools. With BAB400, you can use up to 8 BioAssemblyBot Hands in a single run.